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Portfolio: Landscapes

My landscape work usually begins with hand drawn ink pieces, using nib and brush pens. I’ll then combine these with other sketches I’ve created, either fragments of other drawings from my sketchbooks or specially created textural backgrounds, and sometimes with photographs I’ve taken. Using Procreate, I create collage compositions by editing and building these layers of colour, line and texture. 

I’m interested in fragments, the impact of time and historic happenings, and playing with layers to explore what’s behind what’s there now. I’m inspired by overlooked places and quiet views.


I live in South Liverpool and I am fascinated by the hidden histories, parks, gardens and interesting buildings there. I visit places with my sketchbook and try and bring stories and feelings into the work I produce. These pieces are all of scenes which captured my imagination for various reasons - the street where I live, local woodlands, Mossley Hill Church, and the gates of Princes Park. Liverpool is a constant source of inspiration as history is everywhere in the landscape of it, echoing its vastly different fortunes over time and the stories of the people who live and have lived here.

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